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July 10, 2016

It took much longer than I thought it would.  Forever, in fact.  Hours and hours and hours of odd, tedious tinkering.  But here it is.

Perhaps it's the unique, multi-faceted charm of Lelend that made it such a daunting subject, but for whatever reason I've long been intimidated by the task of creating a travel print for Fishtown, and I'm very happy to have finally done it.

Below you can see an early screenshot which includes some of the initial ideas for color treatment and how those compare to the final product.

June 22, 2016

The Village Cheese Shanty. The Dam Candy Shop. Carlson's. The Cove. Janice Sue.

Chances are you already know where I'm going with this. The above mentioned are but a handful of the iconic institution's populating Leland's beloved "Historic Fishtown."

Like most subjects of Mighty Mitten prints, Leland is a place that is special to me. A place I've been visiting and relishing since childhood.  This has made it an obvious subject to tackle, but also a daunting one, which might help explain why it's taken me so long to rise to this particular challenge... whethe...

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- Saline Middle School

Fine art, fine crafts, prints and photography in Saline.


- Northville Community Center

Amazing 2-day market of indie artisans in charming downtown Northville


- Eastern Market

Huge & fantastic fair at Detroit's Eastern Market. You can find The Mighty Mitten in Shed 3.


- Novi, MI

Fantastic 2 day show at Novi's Suburban Collection Showplace


- West Circle, MSU

Beautiful 2-day outdoor show on MSU's gorgeous campus, right next to the Student Union.


- Berkley, MI

Downtown Berkley on 12 Mile Road.


- Berkley, MI

2 Day show in Orchard Lake


- Union St., Traverse City, MI

Fine art, fine crafts, prints and photography in downtown Traverse City during the world-renowned National Cherry Festival.


- Traverse City, MI

Fine art, fine crafts, prints and photography in downtown Traverse City


- Mackinaw City

Beautiful 2-day outdoor show in beautiful Mackinaw City


- Eastern Market, Shed 5

​Huge & fantastic fair at Detroit's Eastern Market's historic Shed 5.


- Saline Middle School

Enormous and fantastic craft show in my old High School! (Now used as a middle school.)


- MSU Student Union


- GM Renaissance Center

We'll be downtown Detroit at the RenCen for two weeks (!) for a great holiday pop-up. Dec 9 - 13 & Dec 16 - 20.



- Ypsilanti, MI

Incredible 2-day show in downtown Ypsi on Saturday, Dec 14 and Sunday, Dec 15

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