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Original Michigan Vinyl Decals

I'd Rather Be Up North
I'd Rather Be Up North
Pure Michigan

"Rather Be Up North" Decal

For those of us who live in the southern end of this vast and wonderful state, there is one simple truth that pervades our thoughts, especially in the summer months... I'd rather be up north.  Like, right now.


These plotter-cut vinyl stickers are perfect for car bumpers, car windows, laptops, snowboards, skateboards, or any other smooth surface that could stand to bare a little more Michigan pride.

  • Approx 7"x3"

  • Original Design

  • Great outdoor durability (Up to six years)

  • Cut from Oracal® 651 Vinyl (w/gloss finish)

  • Good UV, temp, humidity, & salt-spray resistance

  • Machine cut, hand assembled


Getting a Sticker?

Follow this link for some tips on proper sticker application:

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