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Mighty Mitten Stickers are Here!

One thing worse than a gridlocked commute is getting stuck behind a tacky bumper sticker. Whether it's an in-your-face political taunt, something referring to a pet as a child, or the old standby of Hobbes' friend Calvin having a wee, the wrong bumper sticker can take a stressful situation and turn it even more obnoxious.

But the right bumper sticker can bring a surprising smile (looking at you, "I'd Rather Be Reading Jane Austen"). When I see a Michigan bumper sticker, I'm reminded that we're all neighbors and our Michigan pride brings us together. And what better place to be reminded of unity with each other than in RAGE-INDUCING RUSH HOUR.

Michigan bumper stickers have skyrocketed in popularity; we're all eager to show our love and pride for the Mitten State. Another thing we all have in common is our need to be unique. Digest the irony of that statement, then head over to The Mighty Mitten to check out the variety of original designs that will turn your car's booty into another great place to display your Mitten pride.

If bumper statements aren't your thing, or you're that one person in Michigan who doesn't own a car, these decals also gussy up a laptop like nobody's business.

Michigan Decal
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