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Anishinaabe Gichigami

Quite simply, Lake Superior is one of the most remarkable, most beautiful, and most important bodies of water in the world. To seek its inspiration and humbly attempt a representation of its character is both a joy and an honor. Each time I visit its shores I can't help but feel grateful to witness something so vast, powerful, and pure. It fully captures my imagination and strains the limits of my understanding of what a mere "lake" can be.

This piece is uncommon for The Mighty Mitten because it doesn't it doesn't reference a real-world physical place, but rather it represents how I think of a place and how it makes me feel. However, it was inspired by a real place, which is the Lake Superior coast between Sugarloaf Mountain and Little Presque Isle outside the U.P.'s "Queen City" of Marquette.

Just start walking south from Little Presque on the North Country Trail and soon enough you'll find yourself hiking in a scene similar to the one in my (first, hopefully of many) print of Lake Superior.

I hope I did it justice!