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Aint it Grand!

Phew! Its been a super busy summer with lots of great art shows all over the state. Luckily, in between shows and enjoying all that our beautiful state has to offer this time of year, there was time to create a couple NEW PRINTS! Today, we’re excited to showcase one of these brand new prints: Grand Haven! This is one that customers have been inquiring about eagerly, and it can now be yours! Hailing from southeast Michigan, we don’t get over to the southwest side as much as we would like, and Grand Haven is a true gem that we wish we could visit more often. The beach, the shops, the state park, Grand Haven Lighthouse…. Not to mention that half of the beer we’ve drank this summer has been Wheezin’ the Juice, from Grand Haven’s own Grand Armory Brewing. Speaking of Grand Haven Lighthouse, lighthouses are one of The Mighty Mitten’s favorite things to feature in prints so the Grand Haven print boasts the town’s signature bright red light. A classic view down the distinctive pier (wow did those tiny lights take a long time to draw!), this boldly colored print will look great in the home of anyone with a soft spot in their heart for lovely Grand Haven. Stay tuned to see what other new prints The Mighty Mitten created this summer!

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